Yes- what Emma said and onto the next adventure.

Cathy mentally prepares for the week to come…

In the past I haven’t usually had a great response from sending scripts out to people and places. I usually get more interest from the play being seen.  Reading a script for me- it’s like showing someone the ingredients for a cake and asking them to imagine what it would taste like.  So I was anxious about the reading room night at The King’s Arms approaching. It was a good idea because we have been sharing and open with this project and it was the most open we could be; to give our scripts to be scribbled on or taken away or questioned.  Emma said she felt more nervous than the Shipley diving board, I was trying to swim in the shallow waters of my brain over it.

We were there early to set up the pens and feedback sheets in the snug, and I moved the board games off the piano to put two piles of scripts on. We couldn’t get the big light on,  and the beautiful intricate wool chandelier that the knitting club (who meet in the snug on Tuesdays) covering  it made me chuckle, and made me think about how well utilised The King’s Arms is and anyway it was cosy with just the side lamps.  People started arriving quite early and by 7:15 the room was full. It was full!  As Emma said it was a great night and inspiring and I felt we were supported. There were a lot of writer’s in that room and we ARE stronger in numbers.

Earlier when I was walking the dog, I started to think about what the feedback may be like on Friday. Would I feel embarrassed if someone asked me something I didn’t know about the characters? Or- what if someone said to me- do you think that someone who had mental health issues would be offended?  I feel I need to prepare for this one especially, maybe we both do as the psyche is integral in both plays. It’s a tough one because with thinking about my own mental health- on a good day I may not be offended even if people tried, but on a bad day inanimate objects could offend me, on a bad day the world is wrong and I am misunderstood. I think I will answer that one with ‘I hope people can see that I have presented a terrible occurrence that resulted in good.’ You have to be ready and thoughtful about these things I think.

I’m so looking forward to this- and I am moved and excited by how different  the plays are and yet how they fit together perfectly.  The ingredients are ready, it’s time to bake the cake!

Upcoming Enough Project events

Friday 9th September, 7.30pm

Theatre in the Mill, Bradford

Tickets to this event are free and can be reserved from the TiM box office by telephone 01274 233200 or email (remaining tickets will be available on the door on the night).
Directed by Tom Hogan, this rehearsed reading of the two new 45minute plays comes hot on the heels of a twin event at Studio Salford and is a unique opportunity to grab a preview of these two new works.
The writers will be propping up the bar after the reading to talk about the work and discuss  what happens next with the production. Join them for a glass of wine and to put your two-penneth into the conversation.

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