About the project

What does ‘enough’ mean? Have we got enough? Have we done enough? Have we had enough?

Two writers with different voices and from opposite sides of the Pennines, Emma Adams from Bradford (shortlisted for the Meyer-Whitworth and 5* reviews from 2009 Edinburgh Fest) and Cathy Crabb from Oldham (winner MEN Award Best Production and currently developing a new series for BBC) have produced two new 45-minute plays examining what ‘enough’ might mean in 2011.

This blog accompanies the project with posts from both writers and opportunity for readers to feed back. The online partnership of the project is with Culture Vulture who have previously supported the work of Emma Adams during the production of Ugly by Red Ladder and who will be hosting both writers in residence during this project.

The Enough Project is in partnership with Theatre in the Mill, Bradford and Studio Salford. We have also recieved fantastic support from Chol Theatre in Huddersfield who have acted as a brilliant mid-Pennine meeting point for the project.

This is stage one of the Enough Project and has been supported by Arts Council England through Grants for the Arts.


Emma Adams

Cathy Crabb


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